Monday, March 19, 2007

Easter Eggs!!! (A New Freebie)

I am a terrible blogger. I have neglected my poor blog for longer than I care to remember. Not that anyone would notice ;) However, I just uploaded 25 of my latest pages, if you care to look at them. I have to be more consistent but I am finding it super hard to find time in the day to do all that I want to get done.

Without further ado, here are six eggs and 2 rabbits.

A big thank you to Traci Sims and Roberta D'Achille for allowing me to share this freebie with you.

If you are interested in viewing the kit and action, here are the links:

Designer Photoshop Action: Decorator Egg , by Roberta D’Achille at Rendered Memories

Vintage Easter by Traci Sims at Scrapbook-Graphics

Download link:

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If Roses Grow In Heaven...

Next month, my son would have been 9 years old. Every once in a while I go to the gravesite and take them along. Adam is gone, but certainly not forgotten.

Photo Details
Poster: LovelyMissKait (see this users gallery)
I so wanted to use this kit for a springy and happy ocassion, but this is what was begging to come out.If roses grow in Heaven, Lord please pick a bunch for me, Place them in my brother’s arms And tell him they’re from me. Tell him that I love him and miss him, And when he turns to smile, Place a kiss upon his cheek And hold him for a while. Because remembering him is easy, I do it every day, But there’s an ache within my heart Because I am missing him today.Whispers page set, by Doris Castle, Scrapbook-Graphics by Tracy Blankenship.Font: Marydale, Mariah
If you want to see a bigger version:

A Daughter Is...

A Daughter Is...a gift of love; given by God above. Smith's Woods, 3-23-2006.Sing Spring Collection, by Sausan Designs, SBG from Debbie Pearson's Miss Independent kit @SBG
Additional Credits: Template by Berry Girl @ Elemental Scraps. Inked edge by Christine Smith @ TheDigiChick. Font: Franklin Gothic.

Liam's New Hummer

Liam was very excited with his new toy truck. He took it with him everywhere he went. He can be seen here playing with it while sitting atop a tree branch at Smith’s Woods. 03-23 -2006 SingSpring Collection by Sausan Designs, SBG."L" from Cozy Comforts Alpha by Carrie Stephens, SBG
Additional Credits: Fonts: Century Gothic. Black Jack. Template by Kristin Tilley -Feb. 2007 DST Newsltr.

Beautiful Blossoms - Sing Spring!

Kaylie climbing a tree at Smith’s Woods. 03-23-2006Sing Spring Collection, by Sausan Designs, SBG from Debbie Pearson's Miss Independent kit @SBG
Additional Credits: Fonts: Gill Sans Mt, Embossing Tape; Template and flourishes by Andrea Gold. Sanded overlay by Christine Smith.

6 Degrees of Separation Chall. @ Scrapbook-Graphics

This is such a cool challenge! Can't wait to do some more pages...
This is the layout that inspired that my page, My McJob: was inspired by the color’s of Bree’s page, the use of 3 buttons to affix the photo and the big strip of bg. paper matting the photo and her journaling to the effect that her job is not easy.Today was a great was pajama day at your school. You behaved in class and earned a good note from the teacher. However, things changed for the worse when you got home. You picked a fight with Kaylie because you wanted to see her “bring home book” whether she wanted or not. You hit her, were screaming and just having a total meltdown. For a time out, I made you sit on the stairs so you could relax and calm down. You were so mad at me and were giving me dirty looks. You can be seen here giving me the evil eye. Sometimes life can be so hard for a high-strong boy like you.Romantique Sophisticate page set, by Doris Castle, Scrapbook-GraphicsBorder on mat by Mindy Terasawa, DesignerDigitalsWord art (title) by Katie Pertiet, Designer DigitalsTemplate by Alma Townsend, The Scrap HabitFont: Century Gothic

School Project Time! Liam and the Owl

Liam came home very excited today and couldn’t wait to show me the latest project he made at school. The owl was constructed out of brown paper bag, construction paper and felt. His teacher cut out and decorated the wings, while Liam did the gluing and assembly. In the picture, he can be seen demonstrating the owl’s ability to “stand” on its legs. For a pre-schooler, he is creating some wonderful crafts, but most important, he is having fun while learning. 1-15-2007Thank you for looking. Have a wonderful day. Kait
Additional Credits: ChickClick: Wide Open Space, by Rachael Giallongo, TheDigiChick. Font: Gill Sans Mt, Futura Xblack Bt. Inked edge done with an action by Atomic Cupcake.
I used Willow Page set by Carrie Stephens at Scrapbook-Graphics.

OUT OF BOUNDS! Backyard Visitor: The Junco Sparrow

I love making this pop of our pictures and frames...see the bird's is such a neat trick!
All winter long I have been spying on these Junco sparrows. They are a bit on the skittish side, but I have been able to get close to them by placing seeds near the back door entrance. January 25, 2007.Little Nostalgic set, by Sausan Designs-Scrapbook-GraphicsAltered Artistry Brushes: Foliage, by Sausan Designs-Scrapbook-Graphics(Note: Several bgs. were blended to achieve the color and texture of the border)TK Stamp by Taran Conyers-Scrapbook-Graphics.
Click chick (template): Color Blocked, by Rachael Giallongo-TheDigiChick. Metal Charm alpha by Miss Mint.

Nothing Can Keep Us From Our Beloved Lake

Kaylie and Liam braving the weather to visit Smithville Lake, which is completely frozen. 02-08-2007Thank you for looking. Have a wonderful day. Kait

Click Chick (template): Wide Open Spaces by Rachael Giallongo- TheDigiChick. Tag, tape and brad from a sampler by Carla Gibson-Oscrap. Buttons from Beautiful Dreamer sampler by NicoleW-Oscraps. Staples from Ksharon's Fresh Start kit. Bird/Vulture Brush by Kait Gonzalez.
Babycakes page set, by Jessica Bolton-SBG

Scrap Therapy #9 at Scrapbook-Graphics - Pivotal Moment

Sometimes events happen for a reason. When I lost my son shortly after being born, life as I knew it came to an end. Gone were the rose-colored glasses with which I viewed life. My eyes opened to the stark reality that as much as I wanted my son to be alive, I couldn’t bring him back. I can’t tell you what happened in the months that is all a blur. Hours turned into days, days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. Time and life went on. I had to return to normal life whether I wanted or not. I enrolled at the Cittone Institute of Technology for a course in Office Automation. I excelled in my classes and was asked to be class valedictorian. I declined it because I hate being the center of attention. After graduation, I applied to a few places and even found the perfect job, for which I was more than qualified and even paid me more than I had asked form but I was not happy. After two weeks in the job, I quit. One day I noticed an ad in the newspaper from an adoption agency looking for a secretary. I interviewed for the position and subsequently hired. While there, I learned all I could about adoptions, from both an adoptive parent’s and a birth parent’s position. With eyes wide open, it became clear to me that this was Providence guiding my way to regain that which I had lost: a precious child. On January 3, 2001 my beloved daughter was born, as was I. Sixteen months later I was blessed with my son Liam. My rose colored glasses are back on for good! Kaylie and Daddy, January 4th, 2001Gaze page set, by Carrie Stephens, Scrapbook-GraphicsFrame: Groupie set #1 by Doris Castle, Scrapbook-GraphicsDuplicates: Growth Spur by Heather Roselli/Rachael Giallongo, TheDigiChick . Scalloped edge (recolored) by Mindy Terasawa, DesignerDigitals. Font: Don Semi-Formal and SA Kiss

Reality Scrap! Gosh, You Are Beautiful (How to Romance Your Pizza and Eat It Too!)

An everyday event, Liam repeating something that he heard from the T.V.We went to the Moorestown Mall yesterday and on our way home stopped to pick up a pizza for the kids. Kaylie finished eating her pizza, left the table thus leaving Liam alone. All of a sudden I heard Liam talking. He was saying, “Gosh, You Are Beautiful,” as he was eating his pizza. I busted out laughing upon hearing this and asked him why he was talking to his food. He gave me a look of disgust while telling me to not listen to him talking. (His way of saying, “Mind your own business, Mom!) He recently saw an episode of the”Fairly OddParents” where Timmy was telling Trixie, “Gosh, You Are Beautiful!? I guess Liam felt it necessary to compliment his pizza and worthy of such loving declaration.
Raggedy Andy page set, by Roberta D’Achille, Rendered MemoriesTemplate by Misty Cato at Treasures to Scrap. Font: LD Notepad, S Uneven, James Fajardo, Letter Gothic Line

Quote Challenge at Scrapbook-Graphics

Layout done for a Quote challenge at SBG.What is it that you express in your eyes? It seems to me more than all the words I have read in my life. --Walt WhitmanAll About Her Poetry Words, by Traci Sims. Date Stamp by Traci Sims, SBG. Page set, by Traci Sims, SBG
Additional Credits: Inked border around the page by Christine Smith, The DigiChick. Inked edges done with an action by Atomic Cupcake. Stitched ribbon done with a ribbon template by KHMize-ribbons-TortugaTemplate9, DesignerDigitals

Kaylie Turns 6!

Kaylie Turns 6 years old. Bent frames from Traci Sims’ Picture This element set at Scrapbook-Graphics Birthday Collection page set, by the Studio Girls at Scrapbook-Graphics template by Bree Clarkson (part of the birthday kit)Magical stars are a freebie from Doris Castle.Font: Century Gothic

Each Day Comes Bearing Its Own Gifts

Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons.(Kaylie playing in the sandbox, the swings, and climbing a tree. Strawbridge Lake Park, 6/10/2006)Wonderful Creation page set, by Carrie Stephens, ScrapbookGraphics Photo Lifts by Doris Castle, SBG stitching from Carrie Stephens’s Little Lady page set, at SBG
Additional Credits: Chick Click: In Love With Dots, by Rachael Giallongo, TheDigiChick. Grosgrain ribbon done using a template KHMize-ribbons-TortugaTemplate9, DesignerDigitals. Font: Minion

Duck, Duck, Silly Goose

Liam chasing the geese at Strawbridge Lake Park.(He thought the geese were ducks and I thought he was a silly goose!)Valentino, Valentina Paper Packs 1 and 2, by Sausan Designs, Scrapbook-GraphicsPaper1: Stamps and dots, by Doris Castle, Scrapbook-Graphics Century Gothic
Additional Credits: Chick Click template: In Love With Dots, by Rachael Giallongo, TheDigiChick. Buttons done with Designer Photohop action by Roberta D’Achille, RenderedMemories

The Naturalist

On our way home we stopped at the Exit 52 Overpass to rest and stretch our legs. As always, we noticed an area with vegetation and a path. Along the path we discovered a moth, a spider and various flowers. Exit 52, Rt. 295, Rest Area.Little Miss Green, by Sausan Designs, SBG Century Gothic
Additional Credits: Chick Clicks templates: All In The Details, by Rachael Giallongo, TheDigiChick. Cracked wall action used to give the bg. paper an aged look. Staple and tag from Ronnie McCray's Jewelry set at SBB

True Love

Lily is Kaylie’s first doll. They do everything together. While Kaylie has grown and has many other dolls, noone can take Lily’s place in her heart.(Kaylie kissing Lily while hosting a tea party for all her dolls.)Duplicates - Silly OneSketch 2, by Heather Roselli Rachael Giallongo at the DigiChickTrue Love page set, by Doris Castle. Exclusive for DST.Font: Susie's Hand and Trebuchet.Inked edges done with an action by atomic cupcake.

Can We Build It? Challenge at Scrapbook-Graphics

Can We Build It Challenge: (Must use 5 papers, 4 brads, 2 ribbons, 1 circle)
My Dearest Kaylie, You are growing up fast and turning into such a sweet and delightful little girl. At times, I forget that you have your own individuality and know what you want and like. For example, today, for school, you asked me if you could wear a Christmas dress that Daddy chose and bought for you at Christmas time. When I said no, you begged again. You really love the dress (any dress, if truth be told). I changed my mind and let your wear it; you were ecstatic. I did warn you that other kids might make fun of you, but you didn’t care. I waited anxiously for your return home to find out if anyone made a comment about your Christmas dress....luckily they didn’t. I know that I can be over protective of you, but I don’t want anyone to damage your self-esteem. I hope you know that I am proud of you and will do anything to keep you out of harm’s way. I want you to always remember that while I might no always give in to your desires, I will always have your best interest at heart. Love, Mom.Love Potion page set, by Taran Conyers, SBG (modified) by Christine SmithBrads from Carrie Stephen’s Fandango kit, SBGOff white Bg. paper from Legible set No. 1, by Meredith Fenwick, SBGWhite lace from Traci Sims’ Winter White page set, SBGInk stamp Alpha and spots, by Doris Castle, SBGStains on paper from Jessica Bolton’s Cornfed collection, SBGFonts: AvanteGarde, Mariah

The Photo Shoot

Why is it so hard to get a smile out of you? Every time I tell you to smile these are the faces you make. It doesn’t matter; you still are a handsome lad and I so love each and every one of your so called smiles.
Credits: Not Quite Men Collection – Papers – Jessica Bolton, at SBG Quite Men Collection – Elements – Jessica Bolton, SBG and camera overlay: Thingamajigs Stamps/Brushes, by Maya, SBG

Love One Another

Kaylie and Liam sharing sweet moments while pretend-fishing at the lake. 05-18-2006Font: Sweetheart ScriptInked edges: Scrap Edges 1 set at Cottage ArtsTemplate by Rachael Giallongo - SillyOne, DigichickPhoto corner and bg. paper from SWEET NOTHINGS paper pack at CottageArts. Short stitch, stamp blossom, title and alpha from SIMPLY LOVE page set at CottageArts.

The Walk-In Refrigerator (Reality Scrap's challenge at Scrapbook-Graphics

Page for this week's reality scraps challenge.

You would think that we really do own a WALK-IN REFRIGERATOR. Though Liam is only 4 years old, he is able to stand on the base of the refrigerator to grab things off of the shelves (usually milk and juice). If he thinks that I am taking too long to get him something, he will open it, walk in and get whatever he wants. 1-24-2007.Genuine page set by Sara Carling, SBG Collection #2 by Bree Clarkson, SBG – Arrows, by Sausan Designs, Scrapbook-Graphics frame by Debbie Knorr at SBB.Fonts: Bambino and S Uneven

Baby, It's Cold OUtside

Kaylie making snow angels and the biggest snowball ever!Credits: Frozen Tundra page set, by Taran Conyers, SBG credits: Duplicate-Tropical Breeze,#1, by Heather Roselli/Rachael Giallongo@TheDigiChick.Bendit frames by Debbie Knorr, SBBFont: Arial NarrowSnow overlay from Roberta D'Achille's Christmas Flannel page set @RenderedMemoriesSnowday stamp by Julie Mead @E-scapeandscrap.Crumpled brushes courtesy of/by Jennifer Vogel. Thanks Jenn!

Girl Defined

As I look at you here, I wonder how you turned out to be such a girly girl. At the tender age of 5, you love to wear lip gloss and dress up. It does not matter if you are just going grocery shopping, you must look your best. You can’t wait to be older to be able to wear lipstick, eye shadow, blush and high heel shoes. I do enjoy our conversations about things that you expect to do in the future. Wearing makeup being of most importance to you.A New Day page set, by Debbie Pearson, SBG Dictionary Definitions by Doris Castle @ SBG The shadow frame was customized with a paper from the kit.)(Note1: I blended 3 bg. papers to achieve the background paper in my layout.)(Note2: Jewels were extracted from a flower and re-colored to suit my page)
Vellum alpha by MissMint @ Peppermint Creative. Stitched Folder Ribbon by Amy Martin @LilyPad

Take Time to Smell the Flowers

On our walks at Smithville Lake, Kaylie usually searches for wild flowers to decorate her hair. . I am so glad that she is developing an appreciation for the finer pleasures in life.Groupies 3 by Doris Castle, SBG,; Spring Meadow page set by Ronna Penner, SBG. (Note: I merged 2 bg. pprs. and recolored the paper from blue to pink to suite my page.)
Additional Credits: Susie's Hand, Beguiat Bk Bt, Trebuchet Mt. Folder corner done with an action by Jen Caputo, thedigishoppe. Duplicates – Cutie Pie, by Heather Roselli and Rachael Giallongo, TheDigiChick. Jewelry Tag (recolored) by Ronnie McCray, SBB. Rub-on (Flowers) t

A Day Full of Discoveries

While at the lake we spotted many animals at the lake. Of special interest were the bullfrog and snake (see lower left corner photo (with leaf on its head)
We were exploring at Smith’s Lake, and while there, I spotted a snake using a leaf as camouflage, except its body was exposed in full view, while underwater. Liam discovered this handsome bullfrog, sitting in the shade, long enough for me to snap a few shots.Double Stuff - Bonacqua Paper Pack By Sausan, pin and paint stroke from Traci Sim's freestyle element set at SBG. from Sara Carling's Genuine Page set at SBG. Artistry Brushes, by Sausan Designs at SBG
Additional Credits: Fonts: Carolynsprint, BlackJack, Arial. Rub-on title done with an action from Atomic Cupcake. Duplicates-Cutie Pie set, Sketch #1, by Rachael Giallongo /Heather Roselli at TheDigiChick.

Brief Moments

“Life gives us brief moments with another...but sometimes in those brief moments we get memories that last a life time.”
(Kaylie & Liam out for a leisure walk at Smithville Lake. Kaylie was thrilled that Liam gave her some wildflowers.) 10-05-2006
Credits: Floralia Black Grunge Reloaded page set by Sausan Designs at Scrapbook-Graphics: Artistry - Pressed Flowers 3 by Sausan Designs at SBG #41 – Launchpads Collection 9, by Bree Clarkson, SBG TK Stamped: TXT AnnesiaDate stamp by Amber Clegg, ScrapArtist.
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