Saturday, October 14, 2006


Kaylie has been a princess for 2 years in a row. I wanted her to choose a different costume this year and suggested she be a witch. She really didn’t like the idea but when we went to get her costume, the dresses were ugly. However, we did find the cutest witch outfit that she loved. The wig was the deal clencher! She looks BeWitching! October 12, 2006

Terry’s Templates Plus – Halloween Witch, Terry Maruca, SBE
Buttons on shoe done with a Fancy Brad Creator by Roberta D’Achille, RenderedMemories
Photo prongs and Title are from Taran Conyer’s BeWITCHing kit, SBG.
Spooky page set by Sausan Designs/Sylvie Wagner, SBG.
(Spider, laces and all backgrounds from Spooky kit)
Note: The glitter shoe was recolored to suit my layout.
Font: Arial


Kaylie loves eating ice cream. She especially likes “Bomb Pops.” .Yes, she likes eating the pop, but with this particular one she has an added benefit: it colors her lips red. She then pretends that it is red lipstick. I got my hands full with this little girl.

Misty’s Beautiful Journey kit, Misty Cato, SBE
Misty’s Layered Templates Set “B,”by Misty Cato, SBE
Terry’s Date Stamps – 2004 to 2009, Terry Maruca, SBE
Masking tape is from Maya’s Dumpster Diving element set.
Font: Arial, Amazing Ruler


Liam had a good time at the lake. As usual, he went to the pier to see the Blue Herons fishing for food. He also spotted this little turtle sun bathing herself. The minute she saw us, she quickly swam away. 10-05-2006.

Kay’s Tuscany page set, Kay Miller, SBE
Terry’s Text Paths Plus – TRIANGLES, by Terry Maruca, SBE
Misty’s Layered Templates Set “B,”by Misty Cato, SBE

Font: Arial

I HAVE BEEN BUSY: 4 New Layouts - Layout 1 BEAUTY

Kaylie is such a beautiful girl. But it is not her physical beauty that makes her is her inner beauty and kindness of heart and spirit.
Credits: Terry’s Beautiful Dreamer page set, by Terry Maruca, SBE.
Misty’s Layered Templates Set “B,”by Misty Cato, SBE.
Shabby Glamour Glitter Alpha, by Taran Conyers, Scrapbook-Graphics

Font: Myriad

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Gift to You: Layered Sketch

Hello Everybody,

Here is a layered template in jpg, tiff and psd format. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. If you download, kindly leave a comment.

I would love to see what you do with the template. Come back here and leave me a link, or email me. Anyway, I posted a preview so you can decide if you want it prior to downloading.

I almost forgot...there are 2 extra flowers not shown on the preview.

Here is the link: LINK REMOVED/EXPIRED

Kait Gonzalez

The Alluring Laundry Basket

I really don’t know what the allure of the laundry basket is for Liam. Yesterday, while I was doing laundry, Liam got all the dirty laundry out and got himself inside the basket. Of course, his blanket made the perfect accessory. He used it as a hiding place, as a bed, as a fort...the possibilities are endless for his young, creative mind. One thing is for sure, he had “loads” of fun. October 9, 2006.

Sentimental Journey page set, by Kay Eflin, E-scapeandscrap:
Layered sketch by designer Brenda Kempf. Thanks Brenda!
Inked edge done with an action by Atomic Cupcake.

Thoughtful - Sentimental Journey by Kay Eflin

Kaylie was by the lake side admiring a bunch of wildflowers. Liam knows how much she likes flowers so he reached over and pulled them with all his might. When he gave it to her, it still had a huge clump of dirt and roots attached. We had a big laugh over that one! She gave him lots of kisses to thank him for his thoughtfulness. Oct. 05, 2006.

Credits: Sentimental Journey, by Kay Eflin, E-scapeandscrap:
Doodles – Hearts, by Sausan Designs, Scrapbook-Graphics:
Doodles – Arrows, by Sausan Designs, Scrapbook-Graphics:
Altered Artistry – Stained Textile Alpha, by Sausan Designs, Scrapbook-Graphics:
Layered Template by Kimberly Geswein.

Smithville Lake - Tenda Rosse kit by Karen

My walk to the lake was amazing. The trees are so colorful and the lake is brimming with life. Autumn at its best. Oct. 9, 2006.

Tenda Rosse page set, by Karen Aicken, E-scapeandscrap:
Taran’s RibbonerieI, Taran Conyers, Scrapbook-Graphics:
Karen’s Quick Clicks (sketches), Karen Aicken, E-scapeandscrap:

Scraplift Ronna Penner Challenge at Scrapbook-Graphics

Done as part of a Studio Start Challenge #12 - scraplift challege of Ronna Penner - at Scrapbook-Graphics. I used Elegant Wedding page set, by Ronna Penner, Scrapbook-Graphics

Doodles – Arrows, by Sausan Designs, Scrapbook-Graphics

Font: Arial
Note: I recolored some of the backgrounds to suit my layout. (Orange and brown colors are not colors from the kit but from my son’s blanket)