Monday, March 19, 2007

6 Degrees of Separation Chall. @ Scrapbook-Graphics

This is such a cool challenge! Can't wait to do some more pages...
This is the layout that inspired that my page, My McJob: was inspired by the color’s of Bree’s page, the use of 3 buttons to affix the photo and the big strip of bg. paper matting the photo and her journaling to the effect that her job is not easy.Today was a great was pajama day at your school. You behaved in class and earned a good note from the teacher. However, things changed for the worse when you got home. You picked a fight with Kaylie because you wanted to see her “bring home book” whether she wanted or not. You hit her, were screaming and just having a total meltdown. For a time out, I made you sit on the stairs so you could relax and calm down. You were so mad at me and were giving me dirty looks. You can be seen here giving me the evil eye. Sometimes life can be so hard for a high-strong boy like you.Romantique Sophisticate page set, by Doris Castle, Scrapbook-GraphicsBorder on mat by Mindy Terasawa, DesignerDigitalsWord art (title) by Katie Pertiet, Designer DigitalsTemplate by Alma Townsend, The Scrap HabitFont: Century Gothic

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erica922 said...

awww look at tha face, well, typical fight between siblings lol - I know that for a fact!! Francisco is always picking on Marina too lol lol so cute pic-even tough he's crying lol