Friday, October 05, 2007

Freebies that grabbed my attention

Check out the cute kit that Jenna has for sale, it is fab! This sampler is super cute...I love the spider.

Wow, these frames and ribbons by Lucy are wonderful. She is so talented. Thank you for sharing them with us. While there, check out her store, too.

Jan's add-on is wonderful. Love the colors and theme. Check it out here.

This Halloween frame by Tara is super cute. Thanks!
These are some of the freebies that grabbed my attention today. These ladies are all super talented and very generous. Don't forget to leave a thank you note when you grab.

Autumn Splendor at Smithville Lake

Layout done for the We Can Build It challenge at SBG. (4 pprss., 1 non-people photo, 1 paragraph journaling)
Wow, is this orange or what? I love, love, love, loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove orange. What do you think of our lake? Aren't those the best looking trees you have ever seen?

Smithville Lake is my favorite spot in the whole world. I can go there every day and discover something new. In winter, I love to see the frozen lake with its snow covered banks. In spring, the flowers open up to nature and the lake is filled with life; I especially love to see the water lilies fill the lake. In summer, I love to watch the flowers and animals. But in autumn, I delight in its spectacular beauty. Leaves of every color make their presence known. Green, orange, red, yellow, brown, rust, is magical!

All Tied Up –Vol II by Traci Sims, SBG
Fall Palette page set by Bren Boone, SBG
Note: The orange bg. ppr. is a combination of 3 bg. pprs. The orange ppr. is from Bren Boone's Creepy Candy page set.
Sketch by Rachael Giallongo. (will link it up later)
TK Stamped Font by Taran Conyers, SBG

Meander by KSharonK Designs

Wow, the sampler is so pretty but the actual kit is fabulous. It has my most favorite colors...brown, orange, blue and green...a must have! Check it out at her store.

Shiny Stars

Ok. So you downloaded the template by Lindsay, which has a lot of stars. Now, download these shiny, glitery stars, which complement it perfectly.

Star template by Lindsay Jane

Stars seem to be a big thing as of late. I like stars...but I like them small. These are just the right size. Thanks Lindsay!

Another Autumn page...I just love Autumn. Aren't these photos gorgeous?

Floral corner on upper left side of layout: ScrapEdges1 brushes and overlays at

Thursday, October 04, 2007

New Layout: The Miracle of Life

A few days ago my friend, Maddy, sent in a layout showing her brand new granddaughter sleeping. It was so sweet and made me think of this photo of my little princess sleeping. While I have scrapped this photo once before, this is the final time I will do so. I am satisfied with this one and don't need further revisions or remakes. Do you agree with me?
Let me tell you that this kit of Bren Boone is fab! The colors are "oh so pretty." The kit does not have pink but that is not a problem since I was able to recolor one of the papers to suit me. I love each and every one of her kits...they are so gorgeous and fabulously designed. Her prices are reasonable and her quality is unmatched. If you haven't tried her designs, you don't know what you are missing. Once you buy one of her kits, you will be hooked for life.
Here are my credits for my page:

Wordart/title from SayWhat Mega Kit by the Studio Girls at SBG
Stardust from Blissful page set by Bren Boone at SBG
Font: FG Amelia
Sketch Collection 15 by Jen Caputo, SBG
Ribbon from All Tied Up – Vol II by Traci Sims at SBG
In Dreams page set by Bren Boone at SBG
Black and White photo effect achieved with The Basics Photo Actions by Trish Jones, SBG

Felt stars by Mom2niryza

Love these felt stars! So colorful and fun.

Burlington County Fair Layouts


THE THREE LITTLE PIGS! Thank goodness that the wolf was nowhere to be found! LOL

THE RIDES. Tugboat, Train, Bumble Bee and Motorcycles.

FAVORITE RIDE: JUMPIN' STAR. It would go up in increments and drop them quickly...

CHINESE DRAGON - reminds me of the Lochness Monster, if you ask me. This one was fun, too.

Cover Page


WATER PUMPING, the old fashioned way...manual.



I created this bragbook for my friend, Elizabeth. She claims to not be very good at taking photos, so she lets me take the photos. When I showed her these pages, she said to me: "How come you haven't given me these pictures?" Guess what, she did have them. But the fact that they were in a different format and embellished totally took her by surprise...the good kind.

The Doodled Bragbook I used is by Janet Phillips at Scrapbook-Graphics and can be found HERE.

The kit I used to create all of the pages is Funky Train by the Studio Girls at Scrapbook-Graphics and can be found HERE.

The alpha I used on my MILKING THE COW page is ALPHA NO. 4 BY ON DESIGNS, which you can find HERE.

The barnyard elements (frames, fence, cow face and sheep) are by Cen's Loft.

Green Card for Liam

Hello Friends,

I know you are waiting, with bated breath, to find out how Liam did in school yesterday. He did great - stayed on green all day. When I came to school to pick him up, he got up quickly and told me right away. He had a great smile on his he does know how pleased we are with him when he behaves and we know he can do it, if he would just try a bit harder.

Boo by Laura Pitman

Isn't this the cutest pumpkin and frame you ever did see? Well, maybe not for you, but I think they are super cute...thanks Laura!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Slideshow - Burlington County Fair Bragbook

Back in July I took the kids to the Burlington County Fair. They had a lot of fun, especially because they got to go with their new friend, Emanuel, this year.

The bragbook templates (4by6) are by Janet Phillips at Scrapbook-Graphics.
Kit used is Funky Train by the Studio Girls at Scrapbook-Graphics.
Staples by Jen Patricks
Alpha with ribbon by ON Designs at Scrapbook-Graphics
Cow, Sheep, frame and fence by Cen's Loft

Template by Shandy

I love her templates because she usually includes flourishes with them. Thanks!
By the way, she has a pack of 4 templates on sale at her store...check them out; they are fab!

Dandelion stickers by Kate Hadfield

Kate did a fabulous job designing these dandelions. As many of you know, Kaylie loves, loves, loves these are perfect for me. I feel a dandelion page coming on!

Template by Val

I like the clustering of the photos on this sketch...and Val has a bunch of sketches that are quite interesting, if you want to shake things up in your pages.

2 Peas October Kits

Have you stopped by 2 Peas? They have a Halloween sampler good for those goblings of yours and a pink one for breast cancer awareness month.

Terrible 5's

Oh my. Here I go again with Liam.

Yesterday was his worst day in school to date. He got the dreaded RED CARD, which means that he was misbehaving badly. He wouldn't follow directions, and even bit a classmate! What am I going to do with this child? What surprises me is that the girl he bit, is the one HE LIKES. How do I know that? Did Liam tell me he likes her? No, he didn't. But, he drew a picture of 2 kids, a girl and a boy, walking together. He also wrote my friend CARLA (not her real name) and me.

At school, he wouldn't tell me what had happened. At home, he didn't want to talk about it, but after much prodding, he told me that his little friend that sits across from him told him to do it. Why on earth would Liam follow through on this? He acts without regard for his own safety or that of others. Because of this incident, he didn't play outside at recess, nor participated in centers. The principal even had a talk with him.

For example, on Saturday dh took him and Kaylie for a bike ride around the neighborhood. They usually ride along the bike trail that leads to the elementary school. As you ride along the route, there is a little bend where the road leads down and you have to stop as you come to the bottom or else you will fall from the curb onto the street. DH and Kaylie had dismounted their bikes and were waiting for Liam to come down. Well, Liam is riding his bike like there is no tomorrow, while his father is telling him to slow down and dismount. He ignores his father, jumps the curb and falls down. He got a super big scratch on his right arm near the elbow. He comes home crying and shows me his scratch. I take him to the powder room where I can get a closer look and get the first aid supplies. The minute he sees the alcohol bottle he starts screaming " NO ALCOHOL, NO ALCOHOL." I told him that I need to kill the germs in the scratch and can only do it with alcohol. He doesn't like it, but let me soak a rag to wipe it. The second he felt the sting from the alcohol, he starts jumping up and down while wailing like a siren. I am trying to blow on it to lessen the sting, but it is hard to do with a moving target. Finally, I am able to put the ointment on the scratch, a gauze and then hold it down with the bandage. Well, the only one I could find was a DORA THE EXPLORER bandage, which made him mad as he DOES NOT LIKE DORA. He kept the bandage on for a while and when I wasn't looking, he took it off in his bedroom and left it on the floor. And then wonders how I found out that he had taken off the bandage. :)

When he was in pre-school, he never bit anyone, and now that he is a year older and in Kindergarten, he does this. I just don't know where he picks up this kind of behaviour. He spends his time with his sister, who is totally opposite. The best sister ever...she dotes on him and watches out for him, but he will have none of it.

We'll see how he does today. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop at any time.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

October sampler by Ashallee Wall at Oscraps

I just love these papers..the colors are fab. Yes, I know, you are tired of hearing this from me, but I think you can agree that I am right.

Naturescape Paper at The Scrap Girls

Did I tell you I love Autumn? I am pretty sure I haven't told you (wink, wink). Anyway, the ScrapGirls have this freebie paper up at their store...just perfect. Which reminds me, I have a kit by Bren Boone that is calling my name. Well, if truth be told, I have 2 kits by her that are screaming at I best listen. See you later folks, I have to go post my scraplift challenge at Scrapbook-Graphics. Won't you join me?

The Friday Freebie on Tuesday: Commotion on the Ocean by Danielle

If you missed it on Friday, you still have time to pick it up over at Digital Freebies. Danielle did a wonderful job with this sampler. If you like the sampler, be sure to check out the full kit at the is fab!

Autumn Glory by Cinzia at Digital Freebies

Autumn is my most favorite time of the year. The colors, the crisp air...the is all magical for me. Thanks Cinzia for this super duper cute sampler.

Frames by Mom2Niryza

Wow, aren't these the best?! I love the vintage look and retro cameras.

Dragon Sticker

Isn't he cute? I know Liam will love him! Thanks Kylie!

Template by Andrea Gold

Andrea has been making templates left and right for quite a while now...and I don't mean left and right as in directional, I mean it in the sense that she makes a LOT of them. She shares them for free before she bundles them up to sell at her store. Not many designers do that...but she does. She has quite a following, and rightly so. Great job Andrea and thank you for your generosity. If you download, be courteous and leave her a comment.

October Love by Corinna Nielsen

I love the colors of this paperpack by Corina. Don't you? Head on over to her blog and leave her some love!

New L/O for Scraplift Chall. at SBG

This is my page for the scraplift challenge I host at SBG. Aren't these colors luscious? Jessica's swirls and wordart are fab, as is the scalloped folded matte by Jen.

Swirl (recolored), wordart (altered) and yarn stitching (recolored) from Just Another Memory by Jessica Bolton
Eclectic Needs Variety – Stitched Circle -Jessica Bolton
TK Stamped font, Taran Conyers
Folded Scalloped Mattes by Jen Caputo
Rustic Autumn by Kristin CB
Staple - Jenn Patricks
Folded corner by Karah Fredricks
Font: Lindsay HiTech