Saturday, September 15, 2007

Studio Bren Boone is Open!

I am so excited that Bren Boone gave up her sabbatical and joined the Studio Girls at Scrapbook-Graphics! Her store opens today. She is super talented and has an eye for color. Love, love, love her stuff.

Above is a preview of her work in the store, along with a link so you can see it up close and personal:
Her stuff has a 20 percent discount on Saturday, 9/15 and Sunday, 9/16 only....hurry!

Say What? I Don't Need Your Attitude

Here is a page I made using wordart by Trish Jones from the Say What? mega kit.

Credits: Wordart by Trish Jones from Say What? Collaboration kit by The Studio Girls
A Certain Panache Revisited and A Certain Panache - Solids, by Carrie Stephens
Template from Launchpad #6 (modified) by Bree Clarkson
Staples by Kathy Moore; Font: Times New Roman

Say What? Is at the Store! I have a Coupon Code!

Now on sale, the Studio Girls’ latest collaboration, Say What?…a collection of over 100 pieces of custom-made word art to cover just about every occasion.

Use coupon code isaidit07 to get this $15.00 package for just $9.99.
Coupon expires October 15, 2007.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Dollar Days at Lettering Delights

If you are a fan of Lettering Delights fonts, then now is the time to go shopping! Their fonts, usually sold for $3.99 and up are on sale for $1.00 US dollar each. Below is a link so you can check it out...

Sequin Flowers

These sequin flowers are fab...and you even get to mix and match!

Say What? WordArt Mega Kit by the Studio Girls at Scrapbook-Graphics

Rumor has it that the Studio Girls at Scrapbook-Graphics will be unveiling their latest kit, titled "Say What?" It is supposed to hit the store tomorrow; there will also be a COUPON FOR $5.00 off of the purchase price. It has about 100 quotes/words/titles . You can't beat that! As we all know, coming up with quotes and good wordart for your pages is often time consuming and hard...this collaboration has 15 topics such as emotions, nature, pets, memories, dreams, kids, weather, humor and more.

Our Lives are Stitched Together

For me, as a parent, there is no greater joy than to watch my children enjoying themselves. When we go on excursions to Smith’s Woods, they walk ahead of me and explore everything that tickles their fancy.
I enjoy watching them from a distance just being themselves. Each new story and adventure brings them closer together.
Our lives truly are stitched together with love, as there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t give up or do for them. July 2, 2007

Whispers kit by Doris Castle, SBG
Launchpad Pads Collection 14 by Bree Clarkson, SBG
Word art by Taran Conyers from SAY WHAT? Mega Kit by the Studio Girls available Saturday, 9/15/07. 260

ButterflyWings 3 at Cottage Arts

Isn't this a cute page? This is Kaylie on her first day of school. She is now in First Grade. I used the Butterfly Wings 3Pak at Cottage Arts. The "school" alpha is by Traci Reed at Scrapbook-Graphics. The "K" was done with an alpha template by Janet Phillips at Scrapbook-Graphics.

Another page with the Butterfly Wings Kit, which I just love!

Falling Leaves by Mira

If you know me, you know that orange is my favorite color and that Autumn is my most favorite season. Thanks, Mira, for the gorgoeus add-on!

Wrapped Frame by KimB

This frame is gorgeous!!! I love the wrapped ribbons, too. Thanks, Kim!

Thankful by Krista

Wow, isn't this orange color gorgeous? I love the scallop edge frame, too. Awesome job, Krista!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Calendar Pages and Butterfly Pak 3 at Cottage Arts

2008 CD Case Calendars can be purchased here:

The last 2 layouts on the slide show were done with the Butterfly Wings 3 Pak with Alpha from CottageArts. See link below.

Butterfly Wings 3 Pak with Alpha can be seen and purchased here:

Today Was Better


The report from school today was that Liam was exemplary in the morning, but not so much so in the afternoon. Because he behaved in the morning, he was able to assist the teacher in reading.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I am back from school.

Kaylie managed to get in line and got lunch today. Yay!

Liam has no problem getting his lunch, but does have a problem with listening and following orders. I warned him last night that if he didn't do well in school today that his tv watching privilege would be taken away...that means no more Spongebob or cartoons.

As the teacher was telling me all the things that had transpired during the day, Liam was looking down and was in tears by the time the teacher finished her recount. Due to the fact that this is his third day misbehaving, his recess play time will be taken away. I hope he learns his lesson and starts paying attention.

We'll see how it goes tomorrow.

What's Going On?

The kids like their school.

Liam likes riding the bus, which picks him up in front of our house. Yesterday, the bus was here about 8:15; today it was here at 8:00. I took Kaylie to school, but it is still a mad house. I couldn't find a parking spot anywhere! I circle around 2 times and nothing - nada - zilch...not an empty spot anywhere. So I had to get out of the school grounds and go into the Eastampton development and park on one the of courts across from the school. We walked to the first grade entrance, signed in and then dropped her off at her classroom.

Today, the routine seems to be streamlined. Because Liam's school bus was on time, I was able to walk (YES, I DID SAY WALK) Kaylie to school. She was so excited to be walking to school. It was a really nice walk...the morning breeze was a bit chilly and we walked leisurely to school. Once we got there, I didn't have to sign her in. She walked to her classroom all by herself. The teacher was at the entrance waiting to greet all the incoming students. There are many people stationed along the hallway that will be able to help her to her room, if she forgets the room number.

Getting her lunch seems to be a bit hard for her. They have a barometric system where they use fingerprints to identify the child thus avoiding the need for them to handle money. The money is deposited into an account and lunch money deducted automatically triggered by the fingerprint recognition program. The kids are supposed to line up, scan their print and pick up their lunch, but Kaylie has not been doing this. Instead, she has been eating the snack that I send her as her lunch. When they get home, they are starving! Well not wonder...if the only thing they drank was a juice and some crackers that I sent in to hold them over until lunch time. I found out that she wasn't eating her lunch because I have a schedule that tells me what foods are being served each day. I asked her right in front of her teacher, so the teacher is now aware that Kaylie has not been getting her lunch and will ask someone to show her the ropes for getting her lunch. I will see how it goes today.

She has been really excited because her class has a prize box. The first day, she got a set of playing cards. Yesterday, she got a teeny tiny notebook.

Now on to Liam...on the first day of class he got in trouble because he kept messing around/touching the AC thermostat. Yesterday, he got in trouble because he was not listening to his teacher...remember I told you he has SELECTIVE HEARING. Anyway, I have warned him that each day that he does not behave, he won't be able to watch his favorite cartoon, Spongebob. Not sure that this will be a deterrent, but at least it is worth a try.

Got to go. Talk to you later.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

2008 Calendars

Hello Everyone,

I am ahead of the game for a change. I think I will print several copies of these to hand out to my inlaws and parents. I got a good selection of photos and best of all, I got plenty of time to print, package and send.

If you want to check out the calendar, follow this link to Cottage Arts:

Monday, September 10, 2007

M is for Miserable; Me and My dog

Kaylie in her plaid* uniform, which I bought for her.

Side view of the school.

Kaylie and her teacher, Mrs. Bergen.
The school bus that Liam almost missed!

Liam "smiling" for the camera.

Liam entering his classroom.

Liam coloring a duck at his assigned desk.

Kaylie has grown up so much this year. She doesn't have baby features anymore. :(
Sob sob, I am back.

I have been up since 6:00 a.m. in the morning. I had to get up to make coffee and lunch for dh. Then I went over the list of school supplies that Kaylie and Liam need just to make sure I didn't miss a thing.

When Liam is excited, he looses his appetite, then a while later when he calms down, he is ravenous! I still made sure that he ate at least cereal (Captain Crunch).
Kaylie needed no prodding. She got dressed in no time at all, and ate her cereal even before, that is a first!

After Liam finished his cereal, I got him dressed. Let me backtrack here a minute - Liam can not get dressed until he finishes his breakfast; he ALWAYS spills everything all over and usually wears his food on his clothes. I have learned my lesson or else I would have to dress him a 2nd time and that is before he even gets out of the door.

So now they are dressed and rearing to go. We walk to the bus stop (the same as Kaylie's from last year) and we are waiting, and waiting and waiting...and waiting. Anyway, we have been at the stop for 20 minutes but it seems like an hour to the kids, then we see the bus coming in the opposite direction and heading straight for our house. So, we made a mad dash for our house to catch the bus. I am in such a hurry - and overheated because it is freaking hot and humid today - that I forgot to take a pict. of Liam getting on the school bus. You know me, if it moves I got to take a pict. LOL. Anyway, so Liam is on his way to school. now I have to rush around to get Kaylie to school in 15 minutes.

Off to school I go to drop off Kaylie. Oh My God, it is a mad house! The parking lots are full to the brim and there are NO parking spots available anywhere. The line of parents and students was out the building and all around...The local police was directing traffic and people had to turn around, get out of the school and find parking places in the development across from the school. So that is what I had to do, I turned around and parked my car in the development and walked across to the school.

I dropped off Kaylie at her class and nicely asked her teacher for pose for the 1st day of school pict., of course. (NOW, YOU KNOW IT IS NOT POLITE TO LAUGH AT ME!) I take the picture, give her the money for Kaylie's weekly lunch and off to Liam's class I go.
I am now at Liam's classroom. I meet his teacher and give her the emergency change of clothes, the towel for nap time, the money for lunch, the household supplies they wanted and explain to her the bus schedule dilemma. Liam will ride the bus in the morning, but not in the afternoon, because I have to pick up Kaylie from school and will miss Liam if he takes the bus to my house. To avoid having Liam ride the bus back to school because I am not home, I decided to just pick them both up in the afternoon.

Anyway, I feel it my duty to warn her about Liam's SELECTIVE HEARING (see previous posting from this morning for context) and how highstrong he is. Anyway, did I already tell you that it is hot, hazy and humid outside? Well, it is the same way inside the school. While waiting for Liam to enter the class...the school bus was running late so the class hadn't arrived yet, I am fanning myself like crazy because the AC in the room is not on yet.

Finally, I see the kids from the school bus coming into class. I am looking for Liam, he walks in and doesn't even look at me. I am right in front of him, but he doesn't see me. He is busy looking for his name tag so he knows where to sit and doesn't hear me. Finally, he finds it, he sees me, he sits down and starts coloring the duck picture in front of him. There was no goodbye, I'll miss you, see you later...nothing. Wretched child!

I made my way back home and the house is empty. So empty. So quiet. It is just me and the dog. Scratch that, it is just me and my thoughts. The dog is too busy sleeping to care about anything. Probably the best sleep time he has had in years! LOL

Here are just a few pictures of the big event. Thank you for listening. Boy, for someone who claims to be quiet and have nothing to say, I was quite chatty today!

Kaylie's school list consisted of:
2 folders (1 for home and 1 for school)1 notebook5 pencils 1 sharpenerdry erase markersa box of crayonsa box of coloring pencilswashable markersa box of tissues a box of ziploc bags1 lunch box to carry her snack

Liam's list is somewhat similar
1 file folder5 pencils1 sharpenera box of coloring pencilswashable markersa box of ziploc bags1 lunch for to carry snacksa change of clothes (in case of an accident)a towel or mat for "nap" isn't really is just a tiny recess where they can take a break and I suppose one for the teacher as well. LOL

I thought it fair to warn the teacher about Liam...LOL. I am sure he will be fine and will listen just because she is not his mother or father. We will see how it goes.


I am not sure if I should be happy or sad. My kids are finally going to school full-time.

I am concerned with Liam. He is extremely bright, but has a hard time following directions. He is impetuous and prone to only hearing what he wants to...I call it SELECTIVE HEARING. I have visions of him getting into so much trouble at school that I might actually have to get a job at the school to keep them from calling me ALL OF THE TIME.

He can already read from the newspaper and undertands big words...and uses them in the right context, too. However, he is like a parrot...repeats everything he hears on his cartoons.

For example, I don't like him to watch The Fairly OddParents. The star of the show, Timmy Turner, is 10 years old. On one episode he gets his report card or test (can't recall which) in which he got an E (or F for failure). When Timmy sees this he says, "Oh My God, My Mom/Parents are going to kill me when they see this." Wouldn't you know that a few days later he is playing with Kaylie and obviously did something wrong and says to her, "OMG, MY MOM IS GOING TO KILL ME when she sees this! If you were a regular joe or jane off of the street listening to this conversation, you would walk away with the impression that this is something that we have said to him previously. BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG.

This type of language has no room in my house. I really dislike to see 5 or 6 year olds running around using vulgar language like it is nothing...something common place. The problem becomes mine when my kids associate with these kids in school and pick up their language. Don't get me wrong, I know that this is what they are exposed to and learn from their parents, but I don't have to like it.

Let me change the topic. On to Kaylie. She is such a great little girl. I wish I had 100 more like her. She is excited about starting school again and is looking forward to meeting her teacher and classmates.

I got to to wake up the kids and get them ready for school.

Be back later. Adios! Wish me luck!

Sugar kit by RetroDiva (Traci Collins)

Can you believe that Traci is giving this kit away? This is sweeet, without the calories! I know, lame, but hey, you got to admit it is gorgeous! Just look at those blues and greens...and it! This kit is like an add-on to the Sugar kit, which can be found here:

To sign up for the newsletter, follow this link:
To go to the download page, follow this link:

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Frames by Lara Payton

Aren't these frames fab? I know I love them! Thanks Lara!

El Hombre Arana - Template

El Hombre Arana es mi superheroe favorito! Este template me sirve como anillo en el dedo puesto que tengo fotos de Liam que se vistio de Spiderman el ano antepasado.

Little Tyke by Bannerwoman

I love this color scheme! Isn't this a cute kit? Bannerwoman did a great job. Thanks!