Monday, March 19, 2007

School Project Time! Liam and the Owl

Liam came home very excited today and couldn’t wait to show me the latest project he made at school. The owl was constructed out of brown paper bag, construction paper and felt. His teacher cut out and decorated the wings, while Liam did the gluing and assembly. In the picture, he can be seen demonstrating the owl’s ability to “stand” on its legs. For a pre-schooler, he is creating some wonderful crafts, but most important, he is having fun while learning. 1-15-2007Thank you for looking. Have a wonderful day. Kait
Additional Credits: ChickClick: Wide Open Space, by Rachael Giallongo, TheDigiChick. Font: Gill Sans Mt, Futura Xblack Bt. Inked edge done with an action by Atomic Cupcake.
I used Willow Page set by Carrie Stephens at Scrapbook-Graphics.

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erica922 said...

very cute colors and elements here, love it too!!