Monday, March 19, 2007

OUT OF BOUNDS! Backyard Visitor: The Junco Sparrow

I love making this pop of our pictures and frames...see the bird's is such a neat trick!
All winter long I have been spying on these Junco sparrows. They are a bit on the skittish side, but I have been able to get close to them by placing seeds near the back door entrance. January 25, 2007.Little Nostalgic set, by Sausan Designs-Scrapbook-GraphicsAltered Artistry Brushes: Foliage, by Sausan Designs-Scrapbook-Graphics(Note: Several bgs. were blended to achieve the color and texture of the border)TK Stamp by Taran Conyers-Scrapbook-Graphics.
Click chick (template): Color Blocked, by Rachael Giallongo-TheDigiChick. Metal Charm alpha by Miss Mint.

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