Monday, November 20, 2006

Posted 10 Layouts!

Oh My Goodness, I can't believe how neglected my blog is. Can you believe I just posted 10 layouts/cards? And I still have 12 more to upload. Time seems to get away from me. I will come back later, if not tomorrow, and finish uploading them.

Dear Son, I Will Miss You When You Are Grown

I just did a Dear Daughter, I Will Miss You When You Are Grown, so I couldn't not do one of my son, too. See layout, store links and information here:

Dear Daughter, I Will Miss You When You Grow Up

I just love this picture of dd. She looks totally adorable. See layout, links and details here:

Pumpkin Lover

Liam can be so quirky at times. We bought these small pumpkins, which he absolutely loved. He was playing with them on the couch, while watching tv. I noticed that he hid them under his blanket. When I asked him why they were there he told me that he was cold and didn’t want the pumpkins getting cold, too. What can I say, I can’t fight his logic and besides, he loves those pumpkins! 10-17-2006. See layout, links and product information here:

Picture Perfect Love

Liam and Great Grandma Sabina were sitting on the couch watching cartoons. Great-grandma is 92 years old and rueing the day that she had to leave. She will miss the kids immensely. See layout, product information and links here:

Imagination - Creative

I did a challenge at ScrapbookGraphics where we were supposed to do a layout, but weren't supposed to use a picture. Boy, was I challenged on this one. See layout information and link to products I used here:

Happy Birthday Ramona!

Happy Birthday Ramona! Wishing you lots of happiness on your birthday. I used the Cornfed Collection by Jessica Bolton. The colors are simply gorgeous. See layout, credits and link to the store here:

g Hunting - It's a Guy Thing

This is a super cute and very manly kit. For credits and link to the store see here" [URL=]Bug Hunting - It's A Guy Thing[/URL]

Happy Birthday Becky!

Happy Birthday Becky! I iwish many happy returns of the day! I used the Collaborative kit by the Studio girls. are from Maya's Dumpster Diving element pak: Stamped Antique stamps by Meredith Fenwick.

The Beauty of Fall at Smithville Lake

My beloved Smithville Lake, in its full splendorous, Autumn glory.Autumn Time page set, by Mindy Terasawa. Designer Photoshop Action – Fancy Brad Creator, by Roberta D’Achille at Rendered Memories Benguiat Bk BT, CK Vegas

B is for Beautiful Butterfly

This summer Kaylie and I discovered our love for insects, namely: butterflies. Everywhere we went, whether the playground, the lake or grandma’s house, we looked for them. Imagine our delight to be able to watch this beautiful specimen. Monarch butterflies rock our world. Cornfed page set, by Jessica Bolton, Scrapbook-Graphics Alpha: Cornfed Elements: Coloring Book for Photoshop, by Terry Maruca, Scrapbook-Bytes: TK Doodle font, Taran Conyers, SBG:, Amazing RulerInked edge around page and alpha done with an action by Atomic Cupcake.Launchpad (sketch) by Bree Clarkson, DSD.Note: You can see the actual photo I took, then the coloring page after I ran the action, and the final result printed on 8 1/2 by 11 paper with the end user coloring it in. This action is so much had fun customizing the coloring page on the computer, the kids had fun coloring it and best of all, I can print this page as many times as I want and keeps them busy. Worth every penny spent on it.