Friday, June 22, 2007

Hurray! Sharon is having a sale!

KSharonK Designs is having a sale. I love Sharon's clean style and wonderful designs.

She has this sampler, Boy Stuff, that you must get. Follow the link to download your copy. Be sure to leave her a thank you note.

Heart Sticker by Carrie

Carrie made the cutest and most colorful stickers ever! They are so funky and so fun! If you want to get them, follow the link and please leave her some love!

America the Beautiful Freebie:

I love Americana kits. Amanda has a beautiful sample entitled, America the Beautiful. Check it out at Digital Scrapbook Pages.
You have to be logged in the store to be able to download.

This is the kid's first trip to the beach!
Credits: He'll Break Your Heart page set, by Traci Reed, SBG
Sketch Collection 18 by Jen Caputo, SBG
Doodled arrow by Sausan Designs, SBG
Net and starfish from Terry Maruca's Beach kit at SBB.
Font: Century Gothic

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Construction Paper Stickers!

Aren't these construction paper stickers the cutest?! You can find it at Fernlili's blog. Be sure to leave her a note if you download it. Kait

Sticker Freebies

Misty Cato has a cute set of stickers to decorate your children's layouts.

You can find them here. Be sure to leave her a comment if you download it. Kait

Scraplift Chall. @t Scrapbook-Graphics! Jellyfish!

Facts: Jellyfish are marine invertebrates belonging to the Scyphozoan class. The body of an adult jellyfish is composed of a bell-shaped, jelly producing substance enclosing its internal structure, from which the creature's tentacles are suspended. Each tentacle is covered with stinging cells (cnidocytes) that can sting or kill other animals: most jellyfish use them to secure prey or as a defense mechanism. Others, such as Rhizostomae, do not have tentacles at all.

To compensate for a lack of basic sensory organs and a brain, the jellyfish exploits its nervous system and rhopalia to perceive stimuli, such as light or odor, and orchestrate expedient responses. In its adult form, it is composed of 94–98% water and can be found in every ocean in the world. Some jelly fish do have these body parts such as the box jelly fish.

LeJardin Page set, by Doris Castle at SBG (cream colored and yellow pprs.)
Sentimetental Sophistica by Doris Castle at SBG (Royal blue and floral print pprs.)
Hand-stamped Antique Alpha, by Meredith Fenwick, SBG
Acqua Elements by Sausan Designs at SBG (Ribbon with Star)

Curled border and Action set by Marcie Reckinger/Tracy Murphy
Font: Jotterscript

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Maya!

This is a card I made for Maya, designer and owner of Scrapbook-Graphics!
She turned 45 years old.
I hope you have a wonderful day and that all your wishes come true.
If you would like to see the credits and links to purchase the kit I used, click on the Scrapbook-Graphics link on the right hand side.

Freebie Alert: Aged Ephemera

Check out this lovely kit, which is free!
Below is the link where you can get it; leave her a comment if you download.


Sylvie Wagner/Sausan designs just came out with the most awesome kit ever. The colors are gorgeous and the elements fantastic. She is so talented and unconventional. I love, love, love that her designs are different than the norm...a treat in every kit.
Surfing: The act of "riding" a wave front, either on the ocean or in whitewater rapidsCatch a Wave and your sitting on top of the world.
Font: RW Writing, Problem SecretaryPhoto courtesy of Kevin Connors.Thank you for looking. Kait

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Realistic Shadows Tutorial

Misty Cato just posted a realistic shadows tutorial on her blog. Go check it out!