Monday, March 19, 2007

Reality Scrap! Gosh, You Are Beautiful (How to Romance Your Pizza and Eat It Too!)

An everyday event, Liam repeating something that he heard from the T.V.We went to the Moorestown Mall yesterday and on our way home stopped to pick up a pizza for the kids. Kaylie finished eating her pizza, left the table thus leaving Liam alone. All of a sudden I heard Liam talking. He was saying, “Gosh, You Are Beautiful,” as he was eating his pizza. I busted out laughing upon hearing this and asked him why he was talking to his food. He gave me a look of disgust while telling me to not listen to him talking. (His way of saying, “Mind your own business, Mom!) He recently saw an episode of the”Fairly OddParents” where Timmy was telling Trixie, “Gosh, You Are Beautiful!? I guess Liam felt it necessary to compliment his pizza and worthy of such loving declaration.
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