Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

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Hello Friends,
Just a note to let you know that tomorrow is my birthday and that I won't be around much next week. DH is home on vacation. Have a great weekend!

Here They Are

Two Turtle Doves by Dielle

Splatter - perfect for halloween pgs., don't you think?

Jumpstart Template by AmyW

Glittery Halloween by SweetMade

Layered Blooms by Lindsay Jane

Cluster frame by Kim

Isn't this the cutest alpha? Love it.

Newsletter and freebie by KSharonK
Dont forget to say thank you!


Happy Friday...I Guess.

Hello Everyone,

It's me, Kait. You know, that girl that likes to disappear when things get hectic.
I am up to my armpits with dvd. You see, I am burning all of my layouts to DVD. While I don't like all of them, I want to make sure I still have them so I can update them when I have the chance. I can't do that if they are deleted by mistake or a pc crash. My computer is 2 years old and is full of stuff and running sluggish. I need a new computer, a tarabyte external drive and a new camera. When will I get these things? I have no idea, but I can wish, can't I?

The truth is that I can not afford to upgrade anything. We have no money for luxuries. When Liam was born, I had to give up my job because I would have been working to pay the babysitter. The money dh make goes towards mortgage payment, car insurance, car payment (which I didn't want, but needed the car because fixing the old one would cost a lot more that it was worth), electricity, gas, cable, car payment, water, sewer, food and gas and at the end of the day my money tree just can't cough up more money.

I am worried because we are approaching the winter months, which slows down dh's job. He will earn less money, yet the bills will remain the same. If it gets bad, the first luxury that will have to go is the cable internet, my way of connecting with the outside world. More than likely, we will swith to dial-up connection...that isn't too bad, is it? It has been so long since I had a dial-up that I have no idea how slow kits download. I guess there are download accelerators one can use, right? If so, give me a shout! sucks not having any money!

Anyway, on to other news. My dh will be on vacation starting tomorrow. That means no more computer time for me during the duration of his vacation.
So, while I will not be sitting at my pc to scrap, I will look out for opportunities to take picts. for when I do have time to scrap. Got to make lemonade with my lemons, right?

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Ok, I don't have time to save and upload pictures, so I will just post the links. That is ok with you guys, isn't it? Enjoy and don't forget to say thank you!

Template by DesignsbyAmy, et al
Scraphead freebies...lots of them!
Pretty colors by PetitMoineaux
Brise Marine – Petite Moineaux
GlitterStyles by Flerg
Template by SarahV
Some-Bunny by Kim B
Alpha by LisbonLioness
Backyard Finds by Mom2Niryza
Tags by NBK

Blog Party – collect them all!
Witchy by AmyW

Halloween Coasters by Pamela
Candy Corn
Toy Stickers
Journal Books

A big thank you to ALL of the scrappers/designers who share their creations with all of us. Don't forget to leave a thank you note, if you download. 1045

Are You Ready for yet Another Orange Layout?

I did this page for the Color It Orange challenge at Scrapbook-Graphics! Have you check out all of the challenges they have going on? Surely, one of the will inspire you. Check them here.
Hoots and Hollows page set at CottageArts.Net
Folded corner done with a FOLDED CORNER ACTION by Jen Caputo at SBG

This is HOOTS AND HALLOWS found at It has the cutest word stickers, elements and papers. I love, love, love the owl! Did I tell you I love the owl? The doodled frames and papers are also suitable for non-Halloween pages.

Oh, Friends, I can't help seems that as of late I can't get ORANGE out of my mind. I live, breathe and scrap orange. You must all be so freaking tired of my orange pages, but the problem is that I still have a few orange pages swirling in my head.

Stay tuned as I have another Halloween page in the works, with a different kit, with another wonderful Halloween kit found at Scrapbook-Graphics. 1027

What is new at CottageArts.Net?

Scrap Frames 2 - 12x12 Clusters

ScrapFrames - Clusters1

Wow, the designers at CottageArts.Net have been busy creating fabulous frame clusters paks and a wonderful Halloween Kit? What is that you are saying? You don't have the time to hop on over there to see them? I tell you what, I am feeling nice today so I will show them to is that for a compromise? I thought you'd see it MY way. :)

These come with transparent bgs. so you are able to cut and paste to place wherever YOU want or you can use as is. They are excellent for white space layouts...lots of journaling room, too. I guess I should call this post ENABLER ALERT, right?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Another Orange Layout: Fall Leaves

Layout done for the "I Can Scraplift That Challenge!", scraplifting Omega 021's "Mia's Beautiful Faces".

Credits: Spunk Papers and Elements by Sausan Designs at SBG.
Get Krafty Alpha by Traci Sims at SBG.
Note: I got “crafty” and customized the alpha to my liking by coloring the edges.)
All Tied Up – Vol 2 (Ribbons (recolored)) by Traci Sims at SBG
Falling Leaves overlay from Rustic Autumn Elements by Kristin Cronin Barrow at SBG
Black and White photo conversions done with “The Basics Photo Actions” by Trish Jones at SBG.
Staple by Jenn Patricks. / Paper Dates From Janet Phillips’ October Supersized Grabbag at SBG)
Font: Arial / Frames by me. / Inking on frames done with an action from Atomic Cupcake.
Text path from Flutterby Tails by Terry Maruca at Scrapbook-Elements