Friday, January 12, 2007

Posting Contest At Scrapbook-Graphics and Opening of Forums

Have you heard the news? Scrapbook-Graphics just opened up their forums and is hosting a posting contest! The Studio Crew CT girls, of which I am one, made a hodge podge to reward all who achieve the alloted number of comments in the gallery and forums.

Here is a preview of all the goodies that you will get for participating and helping us break in the forums. So what are you waiting for...go check it out.

The Santa Hat

Papa Liam? Liam loved wearing this Santa hat. He wore it long after Christmas was over.Christmas Flannel page set, by Roberta D’Achille, RenderedMemories Txt Menu ItemLaunchpad (sketch) by Bree Clarkson, of DigiScrapDivas. Thanks Bree!

Christmas Is

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year as far as Kaylie is concerned. She loves decorating the house and putting up the garland. She is especially fond of the garland as a personal accessory. For her fashion show, she modeled it as a hat, a necklace, a bracelet and earrings. 11-30-2005Holly Jolly Collaboration kit by the designers of TheDigiChick sketch by Christine Smith. Thanks Christine!Font: Text Menu Item

Golf Coast Box Turtle

Educational layout featuring Liam's encounter with the Box Turtle at the park. See page one here: vary widely in size, although marine turtles tend to be relatively big animals, while freshwater turtles are smaller. The upper shell of the turtle is called the carapace. The lower shell that encases the belly is called the plastron. The carapace and plastron are joined together on the turtle's sides by bony structures called bridges. The inner layer of a turtle's shell is made up of about 60 bones that includes portions of the backbone and the ribs, meaning the turtle cannot crawl out of its shell. In most turtles, the outer layer of the shell is covered by horny scales called scutes that are part of its outer skin, or epidermis. Scutes are made up of a fibrous protein called keratin that also makes up the scales of other reptiles. These scutes overlap the seams between the shell bones and add strength to the shell. Some turtles do not have horny scutes. For example, the leatherback sea turtle and the soft-shelled turtles have shells covered with leathery skin instead.Lizzie page set, by Roberta D’Achille, Rendered Memories Clik layered sketch by Alma Townsend, TheScrapHabitInked edge overlay and stamped alpha from Robyn England’s War kit

A New Friend

While hanging out at the playground, I saw this little turtle hiding in the grass. It was such a cool experience for Liam to be able to see up-close a real turtle. He even got a chance to touch its shell. Lizzie page set, by Roberta D’Achille, Rendered Memories Photoshop Action – Ribbon Creator– Roberta D’Achille Antique Alpha by Meredith Fenwick, SBG by Becky Fleck.Inked edge overlay by Christine Smith, TheDigiChickFont: Lucida Sans Unicode, Marker Felt Wide

Slipping Away

Deep in my heart I'm concealing things that I'm longing to say. Scared to confess what I'm feeling - - frightened that you’ll SLIP AWAY.Kaylie, it seems like yesterday that you were born and here you are about to turn 6 years old. Where did my little girl go? I feel you slipping away from me every day and I don’t like it. Someone, tell me, how to stop the hands of time. Can’t I keep you small just a bit longer? Please... 11-18-2006Weathered Treasures page set, by Maya, Scrapbook-Graphics The writing on top of the picture is meant to symbolize the inevitable fact of growing up; it is written since the day we are born. Fonts: Jane Austen and Antique TypeSketch by Rachael Giallongo, TheDigiChick

Cool Dude

Liam was on his way to school yesterday when he spotted his winter hat. Mind you that the temperate was very mild and did not warrant wearing a hat. However, it did match the outfit he was wearing so I let him wear it. It made him happy, he wasn’t hurting anyone by wearing it and he thought he was the coolest bean (dude) in town. 11-16-2006Cool Beans kit by Maya at Scrapbook-Graphics – Alpha Quick, by Terry Maruca at SBB Clic template by Alma Townsend at SBEFont: Arial Rounded and Arial Black (title)

Abuelita's Boy

Liam and Abuelita (granny) out for a walk at Smithville Lake. Liam was super excited to share with her his stomping grounds. He didn’t even mind posing for photos. 11-02-2005Zany kit by Maya, from Scrapbook-Graphics. by Kim Smith (Vkimmy).-Black and White action from Roberta's Favorite -Photo Fx actions at Rendered Memories.-Font: Verdana, Trajan Pro-Note: Eyebrows drawn by me.Inked edge(recolored) by nancie Rowe Janitz, SA


Layout done for a scrap-therapy challenge going on at Scrapbook Graphics about the reasons a person is amazing or special. This is my take:Me, a special or amazing woman? I hardly think so. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and child of God. I struggle every day with my flaws. I could stand improvements in all facets of my life. I am highly critical of myself, more so than anyone else could be. I strive to excel in everything that I do, but am easily hurt when I fail miserably. As a child I struggled because of my shyness and insecurities, which carried through adulthood. If you look at me, you might think me unapproachable; however, if you talk to me, you will find me to be a likeable person and a loyal friend. If someone were to ask me what is amazing about me, I would answer: 1) My marriage; I have been married since age 15, 24 years and going strong. 2) My 20 years of struggle with infertility and miscarriages. 3) The beginning of my journey to motherhood through adoption. 4) The birth of my most unexpected son, Liam. I AM special because I KNOW that I make a difference in my children’s lives. I might also add that I am a work in progress as I try to evolve into the very best person I can be. I hope that my children always know that they are the very best part of me and that I feel most blessed for having a special place in their lives. November 15, 2006 Every Day Wonder page set, by Doris Castle, Scrapbook-Graphics by Jennifer Woodbury. Thanks Jen!!!

Comfort and Joy

During stressful times, I visit the lake to clear my mind. The beautiful scenery is inspiring and makes me thankful to be alive. The familiar path that I have walked countless times offers comfort and grounds me. My journey in life is sometimes daunting but having my children with me gives me solace and a constant source of unbridled joy. Nov. 6/7, 2006-Gathering Heart collaboration kit, by Doris Castle, et. als., at ScrapArtist.-Layered sketch, Simply Sketches-set2, by Gina Miller, GinaMillerDesigns.-Font: Txt Annesia, Txt Menu Item-Captivate Alpha by Rachel Dickson, at Scrapdish.

Picking the Perfect Pumpkin

Even though Daddy had already bough the kids their pumpkin, I took the kids to a roadside farm in Mansfield where they had quite a few varieties for sale. They each picked a small pumpkin and a jar of honey. They were so thrilled they even posed for pictures willingly. 10-16-2006.Credits: Even though Daddy had already bough the kids their pumpkin, I took the kids to a roadside farm in Mansfield where they had quite a few varieties for sale. They each picked a small pumpkin and a jar of honey. They were so thrilled they even posed for pictures willingly. 10-16-2006.Fabulous Fall page set, by Debbie Pearson, Scrapbookgraphics/Classique Designs action on photo from Roberta’s Favorite Photo Fx, by Roberta DAchille, Rendered Memories I ran the sepia action and the did selective coloring to just keep the pumpkins in color.-Font: Due Date and Typical Writer-Inked edges on the elements done with an action by Atomic Cupcake-Inked edge around the page by Nancie Rowe Janitz, ScrapArtist-Layered sketch by Becky Troxel. -Journaling strips by Katie Pertiet, DesignerDigitals

First Day of Pre-Kinder

-Old School page set, by Ronna Penner, Scrapbook-Graphics:, checkmark and crayon paintstroke: Elementary My Dear: The Crayon Box, by Julie Mead, E-scapeandscrap. stamp underneath photo: -Digital Date Stamps Vol. 5, Katie Pertiet, DesignerDigitals by Terry Maruca.-Layered sketch by Jennifer Woodbury, from the November DST subscriber newsltr. (Thanks Jennifer!!!)-Font: AL Chalk, Century Gothic, LD Delightful

Pig Tails

I have always loved Kaylie’s curly hair. Ever since she was born, it has been super curly. I remember my mom making the cutest pig tails on my sister’s hair so I couldn’t wait for a girl of my own to make them. Unfortunately, Kaylie’s pig tails become a huge fluffy mass of curly hair that resemble clouds. But that doesn’t deter me from the task. I so admire her brown-golden curls...maybe because my hair is so straight. July 15, 2002 Credits: Vintage Holiday, by Terry Maruca, Scrapbook-ElementsTerry’s Vintage Holiday (available Sun, Nov. 12 at SBE)Note: The Swirl flower and torn edges are part of the template, which I customized with background papers from the kit.Layered sketch by emnewberry1964 - Liz Newberry. (Thanks Liz!)Pig text path and curly tail by me; done with a shape I downloaded from the internet.Font: Scrap Calligraphy, Arial Narrow


Liam was having a great time playing in the new playground at Smith’s Woods. He had a huge smile on his / A noun / 1 smile, smiling, grin, grinningA facial expression characterized by turning up the corners of the mouth; usually shows pleasure or amusement •Vintage Holiday, by Terry Maruca, Scrapbook-ElementsTerry’s Vintage Holiday (available Sun, Nov. 12 at SBE)Layered sketch by Nikki Beaudreau, at TheDigiChick (Thanks Nikki!)Sepia action on photo done with an action from Roberta D’Achille’s Favorite Photo FX actions, at Rendered Memories I ran a sepia action and then used a clipping mask for selective coloring.Ribbon done with a Designer Photoshop Action – Ribbon Maker, by Roberta D’Achille, Rendered Memories. Arial, Century Gothic

Autumn Is In The Air

This is layout done for studio challenge 16, a “scraplift” of Debbie Pearson’s layout entitled, “Enjoying Life,” which can be seen at Scrapbook-graphics: walk to Smithville Lake today yielded this beautiful sight. The sky was a dark blue and the clouds resembled a cotton field across the sky. The sun was shining against the red-orange brick facade of this old building casting a glow upon the water. Its beauty thrilled and captivated me. Venice page set, by Debbie Pearson, SBG border (which I customized and recolored) is from Ornamental – No. 2 by Sausan at SBG. Textured Brush by Nancie Rowe Janitz at ScrapartistFont: Arial, Serifa BTCurved ribbon corner from Kay Eflin’s Frienship Meadows kit at E-scapeandscrap.

Christmas Haute Couture

Kaylie and I were taking out the decorations from the garage to decorate the house. She found the garland, which she immediately wrapped around her neck She had a lot of fun pretending that the garland was a feather boa. I think she looks fabulous! 11-30-2005*Kit: Share In The Season, by Sara Carling, Scrapbook-Graphics.Share in the Season isn't just a kit. It's an opportunity to adopt a deserving family this holiday season. Steph & Scott's son Asher was diagnosed with with a brain tumor in May of this year. Since then their lives have been turned upside down as they help their son fight the cancer. Asher has been amazingly strong & resilient through all of this, and their story is one that can inspire us all. Asher also has two adorable younger sisters; Alexa who is 2; and Aubree who is 6 months old. All proceeds from this kit will go directly to Asher & his family to help them have a brighter holiday season. You can read more about Asher's story here.* Brush and Style – Garland -Photoshop, by Terry Maruca, Scrapbook-Bytes The garland looks dull on this preview, but it is sparkly and shiny on the original version.*Designer Photoshop Action – Button Maker – Roberta D’Achilles, Rendered Memories TXT Menu Item and Embossing Tape (Title)Sketch by Becky Fleck.