Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Allergy Testing is NOT Fun!

Poor Liam. I took him to the allergist today for testing. The first photo shows all the spots where he was tested with different allergens. I had to sit him on my lap (straddle) so I could hold his hands to keep him from scratching. After 20 minutes, 4 spots were positive for allergens. The doctor then did another round of testing, but this time they were using syringes so Liam did not tolerate this test at all. He was scheduled for 11 syringes but only did 4. Boy did he cry. My poor baby was so upset because the syringes had to be injected in between the skin so they really hurt. Anyway, it turns out that he is allergic to trees, grass, wool and ragweed. He will now be on 2 medications to try to control his allergies. Crossing my fingers that the newest medications will do the trick and he won't miss out on school as much this year.

And yes, I had to document this for his scrapbook...:) I am foremost a scrapper of little memories, and this is one of them, right?

Oh, before I forget, Kaylie was in the waiting area, but the minute she heard Liam crying she came over to inquire about his welfare. Isn't she the sweetest girl ever? She likes to mother him. In fact, dh thinks that She and I are driving Liam nuts. :)