Monday, March 19, 2007

Girl Defined

As I look at you here, I wonder how you turned out to be such a girly girl. At the tender age of 5, you love to wear lip gloss and dress up. It does not matter if you are just going grocery shopping, you must look your best. You can’t wait to be older to be able to wear lipstick, eye shadow, blush and high heel shoes. I do enjoy our conversations about things that you expect to do in the future. Wearing makeup being of most importance to you.A New Day page set, by Debbie Pearson, SBG Dictionary Definitions by Doris Castle @ SBG The shadow frame was customized with a paper from the kit.)(Note1: I blended 3 bg. papers to achieve the background paper in my layout.)(Note2: Jewels were extracted from a flower and re-colored to suit my page)
Vellum alpha by MissMint @ Peppermint Creative. Stitched Folder Ribbon by Amy Martin @LilyPad

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