Monday, September 10, 2007

M is for Miserable; Me and My dog

Kaylie in her plaid* uniform, which I bought for her.

Side view of the school.

Kaylie and her teacher, Mrs. Bergen.
The school bus that Liam almost missed!

Liam "smiling" for the camera.

Liam entering his classroom.

Liam coloring a duck at his assigned desk.

Kaylie has grown up so much this year. She doesn't have baby features anymore. :(
Sob sob, I am back.

I have been up since 6:00 a.m. in the morning. I had to get up to make coffee and lunch for dh. Then I went over the list of school supplies that Kaylie and Liam need just to make sure I didn't miss a thing.

When Liam is excited, he looses his appetite, then a while later when he calms down, he is ravenous! I still made sure that he ate at least cereal (Captain Crunch).
Kaylie needed no prodding. She got dressed in no time at all, and ate her cereal even before, that is a first!

After Liam finished his cereal, I got him dressed. Let me backtrack here a minute - Liam can not get dressed until he finishes his breakfast; he ALWAYS spills everything all over and usually wears his food on his clothes. I have learned my lesson or else I would have to dress him a 2nd time and that is before he even gets out of the door.

So now they are dressed and rearing to go. We walk to the bus stop (the same as Kaylie's from last year) and we are waiting, and waiting and waiting...and waiting. Anyway, we have been at the stop for 20 minutes but it seems like an hour to the kids, then we see the bus coming in the opposite direction and heading straight for our house. So, we made a mad dash for our house to catch the bus. I am in such a hurry - and overheated because it is freaking hot and humid today - that I forgot to take a pict. of Liam getting on the school bus. You know me, if it moves I got to take a pict. LOL. Anyway, so Liam is on his way to school. now I have to rush around to get Kaylie to school in 15 minutes.

Off to school I go to drop off Kaylie. Oh My God, it is a mad house! The parking lots are full to the brim and there are NO parking spots available anywhere. The line of parents and students was out the building and all around...The local police was directing traffic and people had to turn around, get out of the school and find parking places in the development across from the school. So that is what I had to do, I turned around and parked my car in the development and walked across to the school.

I dropped off Kaylie at her class and nicely asked her teacher for pose for the 1st day of school pict., of course. (NOW, YOU KNOW IT IS NOT POLITE TO LAUGH AT ME!) I take the picture, give her the money for Kaylie's weekly lunch and off to Liam's class I go.
I am now at Liam's classroom. I meet his teacher and give her the emergency change of clothes, the towel for nap time, the money for lunch, the household supplies they wanted and explain to her the bus schedule dilemma. Liam will ride the bus in the morning, but not in the afternoon, because I have to pick up Kaylie from school and will miss Liam if he takes the bus to my house. To avoid having Liam ride the bus back to school because I am not home, I decided to just pick them both up in the afternoon.

Anyway, I feel it my duty to warn her about Liam's SELECTIVE HEARING (see previous posting from this morning for context) and how highstrong he is. Anyway, did I already tell you that it is hot, hazy and humid outside? Well, it is the same way inside the school. While waiting for Liam to enter the class...the school bus was running late so the class hadn't arrived yet, I am fanning myself like crazy because the AC in the room is not on yet.

Finally, I see the kids from the school bus coming into class. I am looking for Liam, he walks in and doesn't even look at me. I am right in front of him, but he doesn't see me. He is busy looking for his name tag so he knows where to sit and doesn't hear me. Finally, he finds it, he sees me, he sits down and starts coloring the duck picture in front of him. There was no goodbye, I'll miss you, see you later...nothing. Wretched child!

I made my way back home and the house is empty. So empty. So quiet. It is just me and the dog. Scratch that, it is just me and my thoughts. The dog is too busy sleeping to care about anything. Probably the best sleep time he has had in years! LOL

Here are just a few pictures of the big event. Thank you for listening. Boy, for someone who claims to be quiet and have nothing to say, I was quite chatty today!

Kaylie's school list consisted of:
2 folders (1 for home and 1 for school)1 notebook5 pencils 1 sharpenerdry erase markersa box of crayonsa box of coloring pencilswashable markersa box of tissues a box of ziploc bags1 lunch box to carry her snack

Liam's list is somewhat similar
1 file folder5 pencils1 sharpenera box of coloring pencilswashable markersa box of ziploc bags1 lunch for to carry snacksa change of clothes (in case of an accident)a towel or mat for "nap" isn't really is just a tiny recess where they can take a break and I suppose one for the teacher as well. LOL

I thought it fair to warn the teacher about Liam...LOL. I am sure he will be fine and will listen just because she is not his mother or father. We will see how it goes.

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