Sunday, October 07, 2007

Kaylie and Mommy Day

I made it a point to go out with Kaylie, just the two of us. While dh and Liam went grocery shopping. I had invited Liam to come with us, but he didn't want to come.

I took Kaylie to a farm so she could pick out her pumpkins and then took her to the playground. Here are a few of the pictures I took.


Karen Bowers said...

when i'm big i want to take photos like you. truly wonderful, kait, thanks for making sure i got to look!

Anonymous said...

These are awesome. You have such a wonderful eye.

Anonymous said...

what wonderful, vivid photos, Kait! loved seeing these. that one of the gourd looking like a duck is so funny!


Donna B. Miller said...

Beautiful photos, Kait. I can't get over how fast Kaylie is growing.

angismith said...

Love the one of Kaylie under the tree and also the one of the corn and sky. Fall is definitely here and all we have to do to feel it is to look at your pictures!