Monday, April 21, 2008

Star of the Week/Hybrid Project

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Kaylie is the STAR OF THE WEEK at her school this week - April 21 to April 26, which means that one of her parents or Grandparent has to come to school for a presentation and must do a project together. Since DH is the only one working, he can't get off to go to school, so I am IT!
Coming up with the concept was easy peasy...she is my only girl which makes her my little princess. The fact that she loves princesses was a dead giveaway, too. Kaylie and I designed it on the computer, which I then printed. I trimmed the pieces and she glued them on. I thought it would be cute if she drew some of the things that she liked, which she did. Instead of a poster, we did it like a book. We didn't use staples, we used flower brads. (I had to use that crop-o-dyle that I just got, right?) After I placed the brads in, I ran a grossgrain ribbon and made a cute little bow. Kaylie was super happy with how the project turned out.

I kid you not when I tell you that I love, love, love Lorie Davison's The Bouncing Bunnies and Brownies collection. This specific bg. ppr. that you see in these pages, is my most favorite in the whole world...well, maybe not the whole world, but a close second. I have used this kit 4 times already, which is a record for me. The button border holding the photo is from this collection, too.

And OMG, have you seen the Moon Faerie Alphas? You haven't? See the alphas I used to spell out Kaylie's nameon the above layout...they are it. They are gorgeous! I love them, love them, love them, love them. Did I tell you I love them?
The Blue button and leaves garlands are from Lorie's Water Spirit Collection at SBG.

The twigs/leaves border is from Sausan Design's Verde elements at SBG.
Once Upon A Time title, dragon, frames and flowers shown on the family page are from Sausan Designs's Fairy Tales page set.
The castle overlay, stars and drawn frames are from Dana Frantz' Dreamery Elements Pack.

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