Monday, April 21, 2008

Glorious Sunday; Beautification Day

Sunday was Adam's birthday. We went to the cemetery to clean up around his grave and plant some flowers. What better way to honor his memory than planting flowers and teaching the kids that when someone dies that person still remains a part of the family and has to be remembered.

Liam and Kaylie started picking up sticks from the surrounding area, but there were sticks EVERYWHERE so they soon got tired of picking sticks and wanted to do the raking of the leaves instead. Kaylie was a trooper, she raked, she picked up leaves, she dug a hole to plant the flowers and wanted to place the mulch.

Liam, on the other hand, offered to pick up leaves because he wanted to WEAR the GLOVES I had brought to pick up the leaves. I don't mind cleaning up, but hate picking up grubs and worms or any other kind of living being with my bare hands. Yuck! Anyway, the novelty of the gloves wore off shortly and he didn't want to help anymore.

I went there to clean up Adam's gravesite, but when I saw how unkept the other graves were, I decided to clean them up a bit, too. Liam couldn't understand why I wanted to clean up the other graves, when we didn't even know who they were. I told him that this was like our Earth Day, when you clean up for the sake of the planet and because it was the right thing to do. In one ear and out the other. Maybe next year, he'll get the point of doing for others.

Later on the afternoon, we all went out for a bike ride around the neighborhood. The kids had a lot of fun...and got their exercise.

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