Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Friday...I Guess.

Hello Everyone,

It's me, Kait. You know, that girl that likes to disappear when things get hectic.
I am up to my armpits with dvd. You see, I am burning all of my layouts to DVD. While I don't like all of them, I want to make sure I still have them so I can update them when I have the chance. I can't do that if they are deleted by mistake or a pc crash. My computer is 2 years old and is full of stuff and running sluggish. I need a new computer, a tarabyte external drive and a new camera. When will I get these things? I have no idea, but I can wish, can't I?

The truth is that I can not afford to upgrade anything. We have no money for luxuries. When Liam was born, I had to give up my job because I would have been working to pay the babysitter. The money dh make goes towards mortgage payment, car insurance, car payment (which I didn't want, but needed the car because fixing the old one would cost a lot more that it was worth), electricity, gas, cable, car payment, water, sewer, food and gas and at the end of the day my money tree just can't cough up more money.

I am worried because we are approaching the winter months, which slows down dh's job. He will earn less money, yet the bills will remain the same. If it gets bad, the first luxury that will have to go is the cable internet, my way of connecting with the outside world. More than likely, we will swith to dial-up connection...that isn't too bad, is it? It has been so long since I had a dial-up that I have no idea how slow kits download. I guess there are download accelerators one can use, right? If so, give me a shout! sucks not having any money!

Anyway, on to other news. My dh will be on vacation starting tomorrow. That means no more computer time for me during the duration of his vacation.
So, while I will not be sitting at my pc to scrap, I will look out for opportunities to take picts. for when I do have time to scrap. Got to make lemonade with my lemons, right?

Wish me luck!

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