Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Terrible 5's

Oh my. Here I go again with Liam.

Yesterday was his worst day in school to date. He got the dreaded RED CARD, which means that he was misbehaving badly. He wouldn't follow directions, and even bit a classmate! What am I going to do with this child? What surprises me is that the girl he bit, is the one HE LIKES. How do I know that? Did Liam tell me he likes her? No, he didn't. But, he drew a picture of 2 kids, a girl and a boy, walking together. He also wrote my friend CARLA (not her real name) and me.

At school, he wouldn't tell me what had happened. At home, he didn't want to talk about it, but after much prodding, he told me that his little friend that sits across from him told him to do it. Why on earth would Liam follow through on this? He acts without regard for his own safety or that of others. Because of this incident, he didn't play outside at recess, nor participated in centers. The principal even had a talk with him.

For example, on Saturday dh took him and Kaylie for a bike ride around the neighborhood. They usually ride along the bike trail that leads to the elementary school. As you ride along the route, there is a little bend where the road leads down and you have to stop as you come to the bottom or else you will fall from the curb onto the street. DH and Kaylie had dismounted their bikes and were waiting for Liam to come down. Well, Liam is riding his bike like there is no tomorrow, while his father is telling him to slow down and dismount. He ignores his father, jumps the curb and falls down. He got a super big scratch on his right arm near the elbow. He comes home crying and shows me his scratch. I take him to the powder room where I can get a closer look and get the first aid supplies. The minute he sees the alcohol bottle he starts screaming " NO ALCOHOL, NO ALCOHOL." I told him that I need to kill the germs in the scratch and can only do it with alcohol. He doesn't like it, but let me soak a rag to wipe it. The second he felt the sting from the alcohol, he starts jumping up and down while wailing like a siren. I am trying to blow on it to lessen the sting, but it is hard to do with a moving target. Finally, I am able to put the ointment on the scratch, a gauze and then hold it down with the bandage. Well, the only one I could find was a DORA THE EXPLORER bandage, which made him mad as he DOES NOT LIKE DORA. He kept the bandage on for a while and when I wasn't looking, he took it off in his bedroom and left it on the floor. And then wonders how I found out that he had taken off the bandage. :)

When he was in pre-school, he never bit anyone, and now that he is a year older and in Kindergarten, he does this. I just don't know where he picks up this kind of behaviour. He spends his time with his sister, who is totally opposite. The best sister ever...she dotes on him and watches out for him, but he will have none of it.

We'll see how he does today. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop at any time.

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