Wednesday, September 19, 2007

W is for Wretched Computer

Hello Everyone!
No, I am not dead...if you haven't seen me is because I am trying to get my house in order, as well as optimize my computer.

My dh comes home, looks around assessing the space and the asks me the same question, "What Have You Done Today?"

It irks me that just because things are not getting done fast, or are not drastically different, he assumes I am sitting on my derriere playing on the computer all day.

I think I might have the FLYLADY have a talk with him and make him understand that what took 6 years (AND 2 adults and 2 kids) to do can not be undone in 1 week.

But, I am doing much better. I took a bag of clothing to the Vietnam Vets charity bin. 1 full bag of clothes in the trash. 4 other bags of stuff that I no longer want. I have been putting away the summer things, to make room for winter. And the ironing, oh my. Will have to remind myself to look for wrinkle free fabrics on my next shopping trip. :)

Now, getting back to my computer. I have a 180gb hard drive and a 500gb internal drive, and am down to like 50gb free space on the 180 and totally out of space on my 500gb drive.

I have been culling files all along and have deleted a ton of stuff. However, I haven't been burning my pages to dvds. So, I am changing all files from psd format to tiff format to reduce space and then burn them to dvd, to then be able to get them off of my 500gb drive. It is time consuming and a pain in the derriere but that is what I get for putting it off. I am multi-tasking though. I let the computer run the program and I do other things in between.

Anyway, I want to burn the dvds now that the files have been converted and fire up my ACDSee 9 and it crashes. I must have tried like 10 times and I can't get it to work. I am frazzled and tired, and desperately want to bash the computer, but if I do, then I won't have anything to play I control my temper.

Anyway, I fretted all day long as to what to do...the obvious answer is get another drive; however, funds are tight in this household. DH works 60 hours a week so I can stay at home so I can't be bitching and complaining when I know that we have priorities to meet first.

At around 10:00, while doing laundry, I remembered that Connie Bensec, deals with ACDSee issues all the time and has a site dedicated to it (SEE THE LINK TO THE SITE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF MY BLOG), so I contacted her through HELLO. God bless her heart, she was online and directed me to the answer I was looking for. I eagerly followed the directions, which are very thorough and while I couldn't get it to work on the first suggestion, it did work on the 2nd one...the one about the registry...anyway, to make a long story short, I have been burning dvds all day long.

CONNIE BENSEC is fabulous and a great asset to the digiscrap community. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for helping those of us just getting started with ACDsee. I hear good things are happening to her and that an announcement will be forthcoming within a week.

Anyway, now you know why I am not scrapping.

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