Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Bovine Project

Aren't you amazed at how crafty Kaylie and I are becoming? As if last week's STAR OF THE WEEK PROJECTS ( Here Birdie ATCs, Splash ATCs and Booklet/Presentation) weren't enough, we now have to work on an animal project.
The specifications are that we must use a box, include 5 facts about the animal of our choice and try to make it as realistic as possible.
I googled the cow facts and had Kaylie choose her favorites, which she then had to write down in index cards.
Our supplies, if you want to try it out :)
Tacky glue
Hot glue and glue gun
grosgrain ribbon (for tying the tail and for the custom made bow that decorates one of the ears)
felt (black and white)
pink card paper (for utters and underside of cow)
index card/pencil/crayons
Cow parts I downloaded from the net, which I then sized and cut for assembly.
plastic straw
Christmas garland (for wiggly, fuzzy tail)
(Note: I am starting to feel like McGiver. Remember him? If you don't know who or what I am talking about click HERE.) I used to love watching him. (notice I said him, not the show. :)
But I digress, the project was due tomorrow and we finished it 1 day ahead of time. She was one happy camper this morning. (the pictures aren't great, even though I tried to fix them. It is dark and rainy today so the photos are dark, even with flash.
Anyway, now you know why I have been away and why I have been so busy. I can't wait to see what our next project is going to be!

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