Monday, March 31, 2008

Impressions of Healing and Calm

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The storm clouds gather in a heavy dark oppression, glowering down, inescapable. The dry, dusty corn stalks are shaken, tossed, and waving wildly to escape. The dust billows in wandering columns across the yard, searching for more to consume. The clouds burst and the rain begins – hard, driving, and relentless. It tears dead leaves from the trees. It whips everything unstable and lacking roots, carrying it off to the center of the storm. It tears at the wildflowers with greedy fingers, yet they fight back, resilient and determined to survive in their supple state. The dry ground soaks up the wetness, hiding the dust with deep eager gulps. The rain softens, falling steadily to feed what is left of the fury, gently encouraging and motivating growth. The sun emerges from behind the glowering clouds, chasing the wind away and causing the wetness to shimmer like jewels on the refreshed greenery. The deadness has been washed away, the streams of water cascading down and filling the earth with promises of deeper roots and further growth. Healing has begun.

Coming to Scrapbookgraphics April 1st this soft and gentle collaboration from the Studio Girls (on sale for $9.99 through April) is going to sweep you off your feet. Perfect for your most tender moments, this pink and blue delight will surely inspire many a wonderful page.

Contributing Studio Girls include Berna Datema, Birgit Kerr, Dana Frantz, Flergs, Lorie Davison, Michelle Godin, Mirranda Reinhardt, Manu, Traci Sims, Wendyzine Scraps. You’ll find this collab jam-packed with the following goodies:

33 papers 8 frames 2 glitter overlays 2 ribbon strands 6 flowers
1 window frame2 lace pieces1 paper border1 swirly brush1
wrapped string7 Butterflies7 button1 stitched flower1
stitched circle1 patch5 ribbons2 corner accent1
scalloped border2 paint and glitter swirls2 bows1
border overlay1 dried flower stem1 filigree embellishment5
journaling labels1 pretty glass ball2 tied ribbons1
flower stem1 glitter element1 swirl2
jewels1 jewel strand1 ripped paper piece1
flower4 2 glitter sheets
Photoshop layered tempates (12 x 12 Shutterfly-ready and 5 x 7 Shutterfly-ready)

Want to see the kit in action? Click here to view twenty-one (21) layouts using it.

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