Wednesday, February 20, 2008

When It Rains, It Pours

Hello Everyone,

I just thought I'd give you an update on what is going on lately.

As many of my friends know, I took some time off to sort things out. I am still feeling under the weather, but this time is due to circumstances outside of my control.

My 63 year old mother has been hospitalized for almost 2 weeks now. She is an insulin dependent person, just found out she has cirrhosis of the liver, has kidney failure AND has heart disease.

She's been dealing with Cirrhosis issues for 2 weeks now, as well as Kidney failure. She is very ill. They are trying to stabilize her. The way the doctor presented the situation to us was by way of 2 options. 1) Do Dialysis treatments or 2) Choose not to do the Dialysis.
Dialysis is usually a no-brainer option, meaning that this is the way to go but because she suffers from low blood pressure, her pressure can drop further and die. Or her heart can stop. After much back and forth, she decided that she would opt for the Dialysis option. She has had a few treatments now, but can not tolerate it for more than an hour because her blood pressure drops and she gets very drowsy.

As of today, her only option is a liver transplant. However, because of her heart disease, she can not have it done. She needs a healthy heart to endure the long hours of operation and to be able to sustain the new liver. The doctors are trying to stabilize her and that is all they can do.

In the meantime, a horrible stomach virus has been making the rounds at my house. It started with Liam. He wouldn't eat (this is how I know he is sick; otherwise, he'd be eating and drinking like the stuff is going out of style), then got a fever and the dreaded bathroom runs.
Then it was Kaylie's turn. They were ok for a week and now, they are sick again. It wouldn't be so bad but they made me sick, too.

DH just returned from Puerto Rico on Sunday so the kids are super happy. Sick, but happy.

We have DH's grandmother staying with us for a while. She is a lovely woman and so loving. Did I mention she is 94 years old. She also has first stage Alzheimer, is hard of hearing, half blind and has vertigo. I have to follow her everywhere she goes because she forgets everything. She, too, is getting sick. She usually wakes up at 2AM for a potty break and was complaining of body aches. We gave her some Tylenol and seems to be feeling better. Crossing my fingers that nothing serious happens to her.

In the mornings, not to mention afternoons, too, I take Kaylie to school and speed back because I am afraid that she will wake up and fall down the steps or worse.

It is all so time consuming and draining. In the last 5 days I have put a total of 215 miles driving back and forth from the hospital to the house.

Got to go pick up the kids before Grandma wakes up.


P.S. My sister came from Florida and will be stopping by within an hour. Hopefully I can take a picture or two or three for when I have time to scrap or when my mojo comes back, whichever comes first.

Miss you,


Donna B. Miller said...

Oh, Kait, my heart goes out to you. We really miss you. I hope that the virus ends soon. You, your mother, and family remain in my prayers.

Karen Bowers said...

oh, kait, this sounds very very overwhelming. and to face so much of this with your husband off the mainland.

i'm praying for peace and for grace and for comfort.

Anonymous said...

Kait, you have been and will continue to be in my prayers. I can only imagine how overwhelming this all must feel! {hugs}