Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This project is so easy to make and very useful, too.All you need are two circles and a brad. For this project, I made the top circle 7" inches, and the 2nd circle (bottom) 6.75". Notice the placement of the brad...it is on top of a snowflake, which makes it look like a tiny button.
P.S. And don't forget to cut an opening where the word will be visible!
I used Bren Boone's CHILLY WILLY papers and the snowmen is from MERRY MEMORIES, also by Bren.The snowmen in the blue circle is the original color. The snowman for the girl version has been altered in color...This neat contraption makes it fun for the kids to practice reading and spelling their popcorn* words from school. Obviously, I can do this straight from a list, but that isn't any fun. This is cute, cute, cute and they get to spin the circle to pick a word, which makes it fun for them.
*popcorn: High usage words that enable beginners to learn to read.
Liam is learning the months of the year and days of the week so that is what his words are all about, as well as some christmas words.For Kaylie, she is learning popcorn words, so all of her words are from a list supplied by the teacher. I used words that she really needs to practice and focus on.

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