Saturday, July 07, 2007

Fun at the Pool

A splashing good time.

Liam in the hot tub.

Daddy teaching Kaylie to swim.

Kaylie jumping in the pool into Daddy's waiting arms.

Kaylie's braided hair.
DH got an invitation from a friend at work for a pool party. We didn't tell the kids about it until it was time to leave otherwise they would would have hounded us to death about it. Boy, they sure can harp on something mercilessly.

Kaylie has so much hair that it would have made her too hot, so the best course was to braid it to keep it off of her face and neck. She looked adorable! Then, I snuck upstairs and packed the towels and swimsuits away. She was so curious and kept asking what I had in my bag...but I wouldn't budge.

When we arrived to our destination and the kids saw the pool, their eyes opened up really big and Kaylie said to me, "I sure wish I had my swimsuit now." Imagine her surprise to discover that I did have it and that she could swim in the pool. Neither of them know how to swim, but had a great time splashing around and dunking under the water.

She loves her bathing suit. It is brown, turquoise blue, white, green and brown. It looks so good on her because the colors are so bright and really go well with her skin tone. It is a three-piece suit and dh hated it. He thought it was too revealing for a little girl. But it does have a cute skirt to cover up. I love that the top is adjustable both at the top and at the bottom. She looks smashing, but then again I am biased.

Not only was there a pool, but they also had a hot tub. Liam and Kaylie enjoyed spending time there, they especially like the jets, which tickled their backs. I was watching Liam like a hawk because he has to turn every knob, put his finger in every hole and pull everything that is loose. The clean water intake opening was of interest to him...I was terrified that his hand would get sucked in and damaged somehow.
Liam is my adventurous one and kept trying to go to the deeper side of the pool. I asked him to stay close to the edge of the pool, but he kept getting close to a couple of older girls. He would cover his nose and dive under. He loved to splash water.
The food was terrific, too. Chips, pretzels, tortilla chips, raw veggies, dips, sauces. They had hotdogs, burgers, baked beans, macaroni salad, cole slaw, mashed potatoes, chicken, ribs and sausages. The pastries were wonderful, too.
A good time was had by all and the kids can't wait to hit the pool again.

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