Monday, June 11, 2007

Earth Day Fair

Yesterday was such a fun day for us. We went to the annual Earth Day fair held at the Smithville Mansion.

The mansion is a historical building of Greek Revival architecture; such a grand place, perfect for any type of gatherings.

The big courtyards, the flower gardens, the manicured grounds are just fabulous. I love history and architecture so this is right up my alley.

If you want to learn more about Smithville, click here:

As you all know, I am a HUGE nature lover and constatly go on nature walks and bird watching expeditions. I was thrilled to meet JANE KIRKLAND, author of "TAKE A BACKYARD BIRD WALK." She signed our book and even posed for pictures.

Jane Kirkand and her husband, Ron, host a show for kids, Kids Corner, which is on at 7:00 p.m. on radio station 88.5 fm. You may also see her series of books at WWW.TAKEAWALK.COM.

Here are Jane and Ron Kirkland with Kaylie and Liam. They were so friendly and engaged the kids right away.

Kaylie and Liam "milking" a cow.

The kids loved taking part of some of the challenges and crafts. They even had a milking cow so they kids could try their hand at milking it. Two guesses as to who were eager to try this out!

Blue and Gold Macaw

The Philadelphia Zoo has a traveling exhibit highlighting the plight of animals in the wild who are near extinction or are being harmed by poaching.
They had a gorgeous blue and gold Macaw, which is my most favorite! Its colors were so brilliant...truly delightful.

The kids got a chance to see an Albino Snake and an Albino Frog, salamanders, a wolf, rats, sheep, hens with tiny chicks and Llamas. Obviously, they saw kittens and dogs, who were waiting to be adopted.

The food: We had oreos, freshly roasted peanuts, peanut crackers and shaved ice (Mango and Wild Cherry flavors). The fair wouldn't be complete, if we didn't eat the customary FUNNEL CAKE. Can you say delicious?

After we got home, the kids were in the mood for pizza, so I made one. My pizza had mozarella cheese, pizza sauce, ham and mushrooms. Yummy!

You will likely see lots of pages in the coming days highlighting the Earth Fair, but you knew that...didn't you? :)

Have a wonderful day.
Kait signing off.

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